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hi this is sakshi

I am a Jammu based calligrapher, artist, and designer who loves to spill magic with brushes and pens like a magic wand. This is my fascinating world of art and creativity that I love to call 'Caliberi'. Caliberi was enkindled out of a loving communion between an MBA graduate pursuing a Ph.D. in Digital Marketing and her fascination with art, craft, and calligraphy.
When I was young, my mother forced me to join cursive writing classes. Little did I know, it will sow the seeds inside me for my life's journey as a calligrapher. With the launch of Caliberi in 2018, I could watch my dreams manifest into reality in front of my eyes. The exposure I got from my work, helped me broaden my perspective about art. For me, Caliberi is not just an outlet for art and design, it is an extension of my character.
My creations spread across customised handcrafted products which include wedding cards, candle art, quote frame, wow box, calendars, and much more. With an aim to spread happiness, I love to create magical stuff for people that speaks to their soul

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I am very fond of calligraphy, but I have no knowledge about how or where to start

A calligraphy is a form of art that you learn with practice. If you are from Jammu, we would suggest you enroll in our regular workshop where we give one-on-one attention to beginners teaching them the basics and preparing them about how to actually use the tools.

What type of things will I learn in your workshops?

Caliberi specializes in calligraphy, artwork, and design. We provide special workshops for these domains where you will start learning from basics and level up with time. We will teach you how to use the tools and provide support for continued learning, but ultimately you will have to put in hard work and a lot of practice to succeed.

I want to turn my passion into my profession. What can I do?

We would suggest you first understand the consumer needs and latest trends that are flourishing with time. Moreover, you can polish your skills with our advanced workshops to enhance your knowledge about calligraphy.

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