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Hi there!

We at Caliberi are always open to working with different brands. We believe that when we work as a team with someone, the experience is always exciting and inspiring. There is always something new to learn from the people we work with.

Our goal is to embrace both the worlds to give you something unique and personal. While collaborating with different brands we always look forward to providing our clients with products that carry luxury at an affordable price.

We hope you like our collections!

Love, Sakshi

our collaborations so far

We are so excited to share with you all our collaborations that we have done till now with different brands which includes, JK Media, Tandoori Chai Cafe, The Royal Letters, Glam Bar Salon, Jharoka Cafe, Voila Vintage, Brewbakers, Seven Beans Cafe, Double Decker, Yoga Essence, The Chocolate Bar, Royal Nest.

Here are some glimpses of our collaborations

Tandoori Chai Cafe

The Glam Bar

RJ Shwetima

Jk Media

7 Beans Cafe

Red FM

Jarokha Cafe

The Chocolate Bar

Parmish Verma

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